UK Based Specialist Building Contractor

UK Based Specialist Building Contractor

The company was experiencing regular disruptions through virus infection with a number of PC’s recently requiring a full rebuild due to a Ransomware infection. This was starting to significantly impact overall staff productivity.  Issues such as staff either not opening or deleting legitimate business emails due a fear of malicious software.

Cube Cyber were engaged to provide investigative assistance and recommend possible solutions to improve overall security and prevent further occurrences. To cover the main sources of an attack and reduce the overall risk to the company from external and internal threats, we prosed a solution to bolster security and protect against malicious software, malicious websites and Email attacks.

Our Managed Security Service using Cisco AMP, Umbrella  and Fireeye’s Email Laundry was proposed to protect the business from advanced cybersecurity threats and malware containing ransomware and other malicious software.

The solution is fully cloud managed with no hardware required on premise. The deployment of a software agent on devices and a number of simple configuration tasks were required to implement the service and provide complete protection on devices. The company has transitioned from having a low level of cybersecurity protection to advanced level usually found in large enterprises.

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