Most enterprise networks have accumulated complexity due to multiple iterations of technology upgrades and application evolution. Security teams struggle to have a clear understanding of the network and security environment, which is fundamentalto operating their networks securely and smoothly.

In addition to this, the majority of enterprises today are implementing or preparing to implement some sort of cloud technology. Whilst private and public cloud platforms offer many benefits to enterprises such as increased agility and cost-effectiveness. Unfortunately, they can also increase risks by compromising network security and increasing attack surface, thus exposing the business to cyber threats.

Private and public cloud technologies present a variety of network security challenges including:

  • Managing security across on-premise and off-premise environments
  • Visibility across the different technologies and vendors
  • Consistent security policy across all environments
  • Compliance with policies and regulatory standards

Security Policy Orchestrationhelps address these network security challenges by managing and controlling the enterprise security from a single pane of glass — for physical devices and next-generation firewalls deployed on-premise, alongside security groups and instances of your hybrid cloud service providers.

Centralised management of security policies ensures consistent security and compliance across the entire enterprise using a single console.

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