As attackers use more advanced tactics and seek to maintain persistence in an organisation, security teams struggle to understand which cyber threats pose the greatest risk.

With new threats appearing daily, security teams need to quickly assess threats and decide how to react. Security teams need to effectively identify, block, analyse and respond to advanced cyber-attacks.

Effective network security configuration is key to controlling threats to your environment.Unfortunately most security architectures are perimeter centric and lack comprehensive internal controls.

Implementing measures such as network segmentation will assure that threats are localized with minimal impact on the organization. DSD, NIST, ISO27002, and PCI emphasise the importance of network segmentation.

Modern firewall technology, offers integrated, high performance protection against a wide range of today’s advanced threats which target your applications, data and users. It extends beyond the functionality found in traditional firewalls to include application inspection and control, IPS protection and user/role based policy creation.

Combined with Centralized Policy Management and Monitoring can translate raw security data into actionable threat intelligence to assist security teams.

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