Cybersecurity Services

From project delivery to risk assessment and penetration testing, Cube Cyber can provide the Cybersecurity support your business needs.

Understanding, identifying and mitigating cybersecurity risk in an always connected world.

In today’s dynamic security environment, understanding, identifying and mitigating cyber security risk is more important than ever before. With a clear shift to digital in the business landscape, any company that interacts with customers is essentially a cyber target.

As undoubtedly your greatest asset, protecting your network from a cyber-attack now means reducing your risk of a data breach as well as preserving the safety of your customers, your revenue and ultimately, your business reputation.

5 simple steps to protect your business

  • Step 1


    Strategy and Execution Planning

    Deep dive into your business security needs and outline a cyber security battle plan

  • Step 2


    Audit & Investigation

    Conduct an In-depth audit of your infrastructure In place and report insights and recommendations

  • Step 3


    Architecture, Design & Implementation

    Define the security solutions, technical specifications and scope of work to increase your system resilience

  • Step 4


    Security Standards & Frameworks

    Review and advise on security best practices. standards and requirements for your industry

  • Step 5


    Incident Response & Recovery

    Draft a tactical response plan and Incident management framework to support your business security strategy

Our Services

Managed detection & response

MDR services focus specifically on improving an organisation’s advanced threat detection, investigation, and response. They are used to augment and enhance internal capabilities.

They are specifically tailored to use advanced technologies such as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), behavioural analytics, specialised forensics tools, and custom security event management platforms, such as Cube Insights.


One of the biggest benefits of a Security as a Service model is that it saves your business money. A cloud-delivered service is often available in subscription tiers and is usually payable monthly.

SECaaS is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses address any security issue without needing dedicated security staff. You can focus on generating more business instead of locking down your digital assets.

Cyber Risk & Technical Assurance

With the threat landscape growing at an alarming rate, the need for organisations to establish a strong security posture is crucial.

Cyber attackers have become more adept at using sophisticated technology to hack computer systems, markets and environments, leaving behind crippling consequences for organisations such as the loss of sensitive information, intellectual property, a compromised reputation and data breach.

Scope of Services

What does our Vulnerability Assessment cover?

Effective Vulnerability Management is now a critically important aspect of managing business risk in corporate network environments. Vulnerabilities in software can be exploited to compromise corporate ICT assets such as business applications or end-user machines. Recent ransomware outbreaks such as WannaCry and Petya have been examples of this kind of exploitation.

Cube Cyber offers Vulnerability Assessment services to assist organisations in identifying vulnerabilities and associated risks on their networks.

Our team’s long history performing cybersecurity services positions us to provide highly effective vulnerability assessments and remediation plans for all types of business. We are specialists in healthcare, construction projects, critical infrastructure and highly sensitive operational environments.

  • Assists in compliance with PCI DSS and other regulatory requirements
  • Incorporates business objectives into the security plan
  • Presents a risk assessment that validates internal security expenditure
  • Reduces and mitigates risks of downtime
  • Allows an organisation to map threats to its infrastructure
  • Enables the security team to implement best practices to protect the organisation’s critical data, intellectual property, and reputation
  • Allows security management to do more with its budget by investing according to the criticality of each asset

How we provided a safey net around our client’s systems and how they feel about it now.

“I was always playing catch-up with our Information Security Program. Spending the time between audits and exams to learn more about and correct the findings from the last review. Then I learned about Cube Cyber and we now have a proactive playbook that has our organization prepared for the next audit/exam at all times. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with them! On top of all that, they are wonderful people to work with.”

– Mark Spencer

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