Minimise risk and reduce time spent on security management in the long-term.

Keeping firewalls, routers, switches and other devices configured to minimise risks and to comply with security policies is time-consuming and costly for large networks. In addition to this, effective security policy management requires device-level analysis, network-level compliance analysis, and risk assessment of ongoing network changes.

Our experts’ experience designing, deploying and supporting these solutions ensures that your network runs optimally and that your organisation benefits from the latest solutions offerings. We do this by assessing the current environment and making specific recommendations to enhance your particular network and security infrastructure.Optimising for either existing or the latest features prolongs the life of your existing solution and results in the highest ROI as your network and security is always up to date and providing the highest value to your organisation.

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Optimise your resources for peace of mind

We have extensive optimisation experience in the following areas:
  • Firewall Rule-base
  • Network and Security device hardening to NIST and CIS standards
  • Redesigning existing environments to leverage existing functionality, for example implementing VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding) to implement network segmentation
  • Retro-fitting existing network and security environments to improve security posture, for example to ensure compliance with PCI standards or organisational policy.
  • An optimisation assessment can reign in your diverse environment and help optimise your investment extracting maximum efficiency and exposing its true potential.

Enhance your current security environment.