A Design is more than a network diagram and a parts list. A proper design considers the business drivers, technology, services, operational plan, project management, logistics and a host of other areas that could impact the success of your project. The ultimate goal is to have a solution that addresses your requirements.Our Design process creates those detailed, step-by-step models that increase your ability to achieve your business objectives.

Our consultants will analyse your existing infrastructure and make recommendations on what we feel is the best solution for your environment and on any issues your organisation may be experiencing.

Ask us about an network analysis for your business.

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Identifying issues and workshopping solutions

Developing an efficient, scalable and quality controlled deployment process

Workshops at the planning stage of the project are used as a forum to articulate requirements, identify any potential issues that may be encountered with the deployment and ultimately design the best solution for your organisation.

The required functionality of your solution, the deployment methodology and any risks that are involved to your business will be discussed and any limitations or assumptions will be identified and clarified. Timelines and expectations of the project will also be noted in a project plan.

As part of any project, Cube Cyber will create an efficient, scalable, and quality controlled deployment process to:

  • Examine your current information security profile or business requirements
  • Document existing gaps, risks and vulnerabilities
  • Define the issues to be addressed, determine the scope of the work and identify the goals.
  • Design a system that brings together the required technologies
  • Incorporate any existing technologies, processes and procedures you wish to retain
  • Stage and Test solution components
  • Minimize On-Site configuration to minimize On-Site costs
  • Handle logistics on delivery and implementation
  • Create documentation
  • Provide “On Demand” deployment services
  • Conduct user training where required

Improve your security posture through network design.