National Financial Organisation

Reducing the risk of cyber-attack proliferation for the largest member owned credit union in Australia required Cube Cyber to design and deploy a network security architecture across their Data Centre and Campus networks. The overarching network segmentation and segregation project deliverable was to provide an architecture that would facilitate dividing the existing flat network into a number of security zones. Next Generation firewalls would be used to apply a security policy and control traffic flow to and from zones.Given the mission critical 24X7X365 nature of the financial services environment, Cube Cyber was required to design a solution that could be implemented with minimal system downtime. Key components of the customers’ existing security infrastructure and network were upgraded and retrofitted to support the new design, this delivered a significant cost saving to the customer over replacing the existing core security and network environment.

  • Solution options analysis and recommendations
  • Network Architecture and Design
  • Solution implementation
  • Traffic flow analysis and subsequent zone lockdown



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