Managed Security

With the complexities of modern network security technologies, many companies are finding it extremely difficult to manage and maintain infrastructure such as Next Generation Firewalls and access-control solutions such as Identity Services Engines.

Our Managed Security Service technology provides cost-effective access to capabilities normally found in large enterprise Security Operations Centres (SoC’s).

We can offer a basic cost-effective management and monitoring solution, with an SLA tailored to suit any budget..

Features *:

  • Telemetry & Instrumentation of your ICT Security devices
  • Reporting and search engine query platform
  • Alarming and Event Logging
  • Multi-Vendor device support
  • Access to technical security expert advisory and escalation
  • Analytics for Endpoint, User, Traffic and security posture
  • Integration with existing AD, SIEM and Vulnerability Scanners
  • Integration with network and security API’s for your existing NGFW
  • Choose our predefined monitoring dashboards or build your own


  • Situational awareness of security events, health, status and performance
  • Flexible reporting to meet business needs
  • Flexible dashboarding with fully customizable graph panels
  • Measurement and tracking of security metrics over time

Deployment Models:

We have designed our managed security service with modular components to support maximum deployment flexibility.

The managed service is offered using the following deployment options:

  • Full On-Premises deployment with remote monitoring access support
    (Monitoring data remains locally within your infrastructure)
  • Cloud deployment with on-premises secure aggregator appliance
    (Monitoring data securely transmitted to cloud based service platform)

Security Model:

All customer data is treated as highly confidential and handled accordingly. The following steps are taken to secure customer data.

  • All communication between system elements including cloud communications is securely encrypted using TLS with mutual certificate authentication.
  • A full access audit trail is kept and made available to the customer
  • All cloud customer server and storage instances are securely separated with either docker containers or discrete instances.
  • Disk encryption is used for cloud services using a “customer supplied encryption key” model. Cube Cyber securely manages those keys on behalf of customers
  • Cloud server and storage instances are located only in the zone or location specific by the customer (subject to local confirmation at ordering time) so that data is kep in-country where required by regulation or policy.

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* Features available are dependent on existing customer infrastructure capabilities. All efforts are made to integrate the full feature set with customers equipment where the capability exists.