The impact of a successful cyberattack on business can be highly disruptive, potentially leading to loss of revenue, loss of trust by customers and distraction from business operations, yet investment in state of the art cyber defences can be expensive and difficult to manage in-house.

Our Managed Next Generation Firewall Security Service provides 24/7 event monitoring and security management designed to meet your organisation’s unique security and compliance challenges. We can offer a cost-effective, scalable and secure cloud-based service with a Service Level Agreement tailored to suit any budget.

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Reduce risk and increase visibility with Managed Next Generation Firewall Security Service from Cube Cyber

Our aim at Cube Cyber is to provide organisations of all sizes with cost effective access to the cybersecurity protection and capabilities normally found in large enterprises. Our Managed Next Generation Firewall Security Service provides 24/7 protection, detection, reporting and automated response services using cutting edge Next Generation Firewall and network protection technologies to improve resilience, reduce business risk and increase visibility within your information and communication technologies.

Leading cyber defence technology

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW’s) provide a multilayer approach to network security. This is facilitated by providing complete visibility into all network traffic based on applications, users, content and devices. NGFW’s go beyond the functionality found in traditional firewalls to provide application-level inspection with integrated intrusion prevention and a whole range of cyber protection measures. By utilising continuous threat intelligence updates and automated mitigation, NGFW’s aim to keep your organisation protected from advanced cyberattacks 24/7.

Ongoing NGFW tuning for maximum protection

NGFW’s are not a “set and forget” solution, they require ongoing meticulous tuning and updating to ensure protection against the latest cyber threats. Cube Cyber’s engineers provide expert tuning to adjust for changes in your organisation’s applications and external threat landscape. Research indicates most organisations use NGFW and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) in a “non-blocking” configuration with little or no tuning to align with the ICT environment. This significantly reduces the benefits associated with deploying a NGFW or IPS solution. At Cube Cyber, we work closely with your organisation’s security and networking teams to review existing policies and provide recommendations to ensure NGFW’s are managed and optimised to provide maximum protection.

Technology experts and security specialists

The technical team at Cube Cyber are certified experts in security and networking technologies. We can provide optional 24/7 health and performance monitoring, proactive administration, patching and optimisation through our Cyber Security Operation Centre (CSOC) allowing your organisation to maximise investment, reduce costs of security and network operations and off-loading IT teams to focus on higher priorities. Our managed services include:

  • Real-time 24/7 security event monitoring
  • Device provisioning and configuration
  • Signature and policy tuning
  • Configuration management
  • Proactive administration, maintenance, patching and upgrades
  • Health and performance monitoring
  • On-call support from security experts

Cutting edge reporting & monitoring

Through our Cyber Insights web portal, your organisation has full operational visibility and access to security logs and analytics allowing you to extract maximum intelligence.

  • Telemetry and instrumentation of your ICT security devices
  • Reporting and API-driven query platform
  • Integration with network and security API’s for your existing NGFW
  • Integration with leading firewall products
  • Integration with existing AD, SIEM and Vulnerability Scanners
  • Alarm integration to issue alerts directly via email, phone or via existing systems
  • Analytics for endpoint, user, traffic and security posture
  • Choose from our predefined monitoring dashboards or build your own
  • Flexible dashboarding with fully customisable graph panel
  • Log archival and query

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