Managed Security Services: Why Small & Mid-sized Businesses Should Consider It

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Managed Security Services: Why Small & Mid-sized Businesses Should Consider It

As the rate and sophistication of cyber crime is ever-growing, more businesses are turning to managed security services for their cyber protection. But what exactly are managed security services and how can they help your business? Read on for the benefits of outsourcing your business IT security.

What are managed security services?

A managed security service provider (MSSP) will provide security protection to your business, usually remotely, and will oversee all of the cyber security measures needed for the business. They can help with anything from finding vulnerabilities in your business, to implementing cyber protection, and then managing that protection 24/7.

Common services include cloud protection, firewalls, endpoint security, intrusion detection, anti-virus security, email security, VPN’s (virtual private networks), and monitoring. This protection is usually in the form of software-as-a-service (SaaS), meaning you do not have to employ a dedicated IT team to run your cyber security.

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How can managed security services help your business?

Expertise and knowledge

One of the main benefits of hiring a managed security service provider is that your business will gain access to industry experts who have been professionally trained in cybersecurity. For small and medium sized businesses (SME’s) who may not have a dedicated team of IT experts, then managed security services can help immensely.

Outsourcing your cyber security to a team with industry expertise, specific knowledge and experience can mean you are getting the best protection for your company.

Cost effective

Using managed security services can be cost effective in several ways. First of all, it eliminates the need to hire, train and keep an in-house team of IT professionals. The cost of hiring a team and providing ongoing training can much outweigh the cost of managed IT services. Hiring an MSSP means you get 24/7 protection, whilst knowing exactly how much is coming out of the budget each month.

Latest technology

With an MSSP, you get access to the latest technologies and the best applications for your cyber protection. With cyber attacks evolving at an alarming rate, you want to be sure that your business is receiving the latest in cyber protection.

Focus back on the business

By using managed security services, you are able to put your attention fully on the business and the goals you are aiming for. Instead of trying to fix time-consuming tech issues yourself, resulting in slower business operations, you can put more time into growing your business and meeting goals.

24/7 security

By hiring a MSSP, you can have peace of mind that your business is being protected day in, day out. Efficiency is improved via automatic detection and vulnerability scans. If a threat is found, you can be assured of a quick response time. With some cyber applications, the longer it is installed, the better the system recognises abnormalities or suspicious behaviour. Threats can be seen sooner, before they infiltrate your network.

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What can managed security services help with?

Next Generation Firewall Security

Installing firewalls is essential for any business. They can stop harmful or malicious content from entering and leaving your network. This is particularly important if your business handles customer data or sensitive company information. Firewalls should be one of the first lines of defence.

Cloud Security

If you are using any cloud-based systems, then you will want to ensure you have some cloud security in place. Cloud applications can include systems such as Office 365, Google Docs and OneDrive. Cloud security will protect your data being stored over the cloud, using the latest technologies and controls.

Backups and reports

A managed service provider can do all the hard work for you, including regularly backing up your data and providing easy to understand reports. This can help save you time to focus on other areas of the organisation.


Regular monitoring and patch work will all be carried out by the third party provider. You do not have to worry about updating systems and checking that they are working ok, that is all taken care of for you.


Advance malware protection is a necessity to protect your organisation against malicious websites, downloads and spyware that can destroy your business. A MSSP can provide the latest technologies to detect known and unknown malware.

Email security

Email security is vital, since most cyber attacks are caused by someone in a company opening a phishing email. The simple act of clicking on a malicious link via an email can cause a major data breach, even within a large corporation. Managed security services can ensure that all emails are scanned, filtered and clean of malicious content before arriving in your inbox. At Cube Cyber, we work with CISCO systems to give our customers the best protection available.

Vulnerability management

Vulnerability management will scan your devices and network for any vulnerabilities, evaluate any risks, and then decide on how to deal with those threats. Vulnerability scans will provide reports of the strengths of the risks and prioritise what needs to be dealt with first.


Cyber security requires an understanding of the current threats, the best cyber practices, technological cyber solutions and how to measure, report and implement defence plans. For smaller businesses without the expertise, time, or budget for an in-house IT team, using managed security services is an appealing and cost-effective way to stay cyber secure.

At Cube Cyber we provide managed services, using the latest technologies and trusted world-class partners. If you would like a quote for your business, then please get in touch with one of our experts today.

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