Cutting edge cyber defence technology, technical leadership and security expertise.

How prepared is your business to mitigate data breach or loss? What about malicious attempts at your information from the likes of malware, ransomware or hackers? Whilst protecting your business data is of utmost importance, failure to do so can lead to disruption of business operations in addition to financial and reputational loss. With the advancement in cyber technology, the ways in which people attempt to access your data has also evolved, making it more difficult for businesses to manage without the in-depth knowledge of an industry specialist.

For this reason, Cube Cyber have developed managed protection services that facilitate a multi-faceted defence solution primarily focused around threat prevention, detection and response. To achieve heightened network security in a cost-effective manner, our team of technical experts offer integrated defences against advanced threats to your applications, your devices, your data and most importantly, the people behind it all. Through offering holistic managed cyber security capabilities, our team are able to transform technical security insights into actionable threat and vulnerability mitigation techniques to assist your business in achieving greater security posture.

Our Services

Threat and vulnerability management

Next Generation Firewall Security

Advanced Malware Protection

Intrusion prevention & control

URL filtering + blocking

IP blocking

Domain blocking

Our Specialties

Real-time 24/7 automated security event monitoring

Device provisioning and configuration

Signature and policy tuning

Configuration management

Proactive administration, maintenance, patching and upgrades

Health and performance monitoring

On-call support from security experts

Protect your business against a cyber attack.

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Next Generation Firewall

24/7 protection, detection, reporting and automated response services.

Our aim at Cube Cyber is to provide access to all the cybersecurity protection and capabilities normally found in large enterprise for a fraction of the cost. Cube Cyber’s Managed Security provides 24/7 managed protection, detection and response services using cutting edge Next-Generation Firewall and Network protection technologies to improve resilience, reduce business risk and increase visibility within your information and communication technologies.

Cost effective, scalable and secure cloud based service featuring:

  • Cost effective 24/7 threat monitoring and management
  • Access to Security Engineers expert advisory, optimization and escalation
  • Risk reduction through access to state of the art network cyber defence technology
  • Maintain and improve compliance with regulations and industry benchmarks such as Mandatory Breach Notification and PCI-DCC
  • Provides real-time threat detection with full operational visibility, reporting and dashboards.
  • Reduce in-house IT resource usage and cost of security network operations
  • Maximise ROI integrating  with pre-existing security and information systems
  • Highly customisable to your unique business needs
  • Flexible bundling and monthly subscription

Advanced Malware Protection

Protect your network & endpoints

To ensure complete protection of your business networks, integrating a layered architectural approach to cyber security can facilitate the greatest reduction in ransomware risk. As a Cisco Systems Advanced Security Architecture partner, we work closely with Cisco Systems to deliver security solutions that effectively prevent, detect, and respond to ransomware attacks.

Our extensive experience in this field can add capabilities to your network:

  • Endpoint security solutions
  • Point in time malware protection and blocking
  • Advanced Sandboxing
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Secure your business against a cyber attack.