Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Managed Detection and Response services go beyond traditional Security Monitoring and Threat Detection.

An MDR service differs from a regular MSSP SIEM service in several ways.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a managed cybersecurity service that focuses on the continuous monitoring and response to cyber threats. MDR solutions are designed to provide organisations with a higher level of security than traditional security solutions, such as firewalls or intrusion detection systems.

Our MDR solutions include:

  • Continuous monitoring: The provider will continuously monitor the organisation’s networks and systems for signs of cyber threats, using advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Threat detection: The provider will use various techniques such as network traffic analysis, log analysis, and endpoint detection to detect potential threats.
  • Threat response: The provider will respond to potential threats in real time, such as by blocking malicious traffic, isolating compromised systems, and taking other actions to prevent the spread of malware or other malicious code.
  • Incident response: In the event of a security incident, the provider will provide incident response services, such as forensic analysis, and will work with the company to recover from the incident and restore normal operations.
  • Reporting and analysis: The provider will provide regular reporting and analysis of security incidents, as well as recommendations for improving the organisation’s security posture.

    Our MDR solution is designed to provide a more proactive and comprehensive approach to security. By continuously monitoring for potential threats and responding to them in real-time, our MDR solution can help organisations detect and respond to cyber threats more quickly, which can reduce the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Incident Response

On average it takes 100 days for a cyber breach to be discovered, and when it is, you need a team of experts who are trained and experienced in swiftly responding to cyber incidents.

An Incident Response service gives you access to our experienced Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) who can quickly identify and contain the threat, reducing your response time and minimising the impact.

The key benefit being it gives organisations more resources, specialised services and managerial skills to deal with security incidents.

SIEM, SOAR & Threat Hunting

Whilst a SIEM aggregates and correlates data from multiple security systems to generate alerts, a SOAR acts as the remediation and response engine to those alerts.

We utilise the functionality provided by both solutions to automated responses to detected threats.

By integrating security controls such as firewalls with the SOAR, firewall access rules can be automatically updating block detected threats.

Vulnerability Management

We take a risk-based approach to Vulnerability Management where we identify, investigate, and prioritise vulnerabilities based on their potential to your business.

We use a near real-time vulnerability platform to display assessment results. The platform allows you to communicate, collaborate, and manage your vulnerability program in a centralised manner, mapping your vulnerabilities to known threats and context and assigning a risk rating for assets that stand exposed.

Results are rapidly generated from various scans and tests, allowing you to take immediate measures to fix vulnerabilities prioritised for remediation, rather than wait for reports to be formalized, interpreted, and delegated.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

With every increasing sophisticated ransomware attacks, traditional end point protection mechanisms are no longer fit for purpose.

EDR is the next generation of end protection and works by recording the activities and events taking place on endpoints and all workloads, providing the visibility needed to uncover incidents that would otherwise remain invisible.
EDR provides continuous and comprehensive visibility into what is happening on endpoints in real time.

EDR provides advanced threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities — including incident data search and investigation alert triage, suspicious activity validation, threat hunting, and malicious activity detection and containment.


MDR services focus specifically on improving an organisation’s advanced threat detection, investigation, and response. They are used to augment and enhance internal capabilities.