Large Mining Organisation

This company employs several thousand local contractors at mine camps throughout Southeast Asia and provides WiFi Internet access as part of camp facilities. The client required a solution that would allow them to restrict access to an otherwise open WiFi network and identify and track Internet usage back to an employee identity based on their SAP employee record. The desired outcome was to integrate the Cisco ISE Guest WiFi functionality with the SAP HR database to enable both employees and contractors to login to the WiFi system using their employee ID. The team at Cube developed a customised API integration engine that integrated the Cisco ISE Guest Portal with the organisations’ SAP HR database. The bespoke solution polls the SAP database in near real-time, changes to employee records are extracted, parsed and sent to ISE via the ISE API. ISE guest access accounts are then automatically generated, these are specific to each user and remain valid for a specific amount of time-based on the planned duration of the employees stay at the camp. This unique functionality enabled both employees and contractors secure access to login to the WiFi system using their employee ID. Full operational support, training and documentation were provided post-deployment.

  • Advanced API Program
  • Real-time insights
  • Bespoke system design
  • Network Design


Large Global Engineering Company