Large Global Engineering Company

Improving the security posture of a global engineering firm by implementing security controls for an existing wireless and wired network infrastructure was the primary project objective for Cube Cyber. By implementing a secure network edge across the campus network, the risk of unauthorized devices connecting to unsecured ports could be substantially reduced. Cube Cyber were able to design and implement a solution that enabled the client to leverage some of the more advanced Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) features such as device profiling. In addition to the overall reduction in risk, there were additional tangible benefits to the organisation, these include reduced workload on the operational support teams due to the use of automatic device profiling and simplified network onboarding for guests and contractors to connect devices to the network quickly in a high secure manner, simultaneously protecting the corporate network containing sensitive information.

  • Network Architecture and Design
  • Network Access Control
  • Endpoint Management



Large Mining Organisation
National Financial Organisation