In today’s dynamic security environment, understanding, identifying and mitigating cyber security risk is more important than ever before. With a clear shift to digital in the business landscape, any company that interacts with customers is essentially a cyber target. As undoubtedly your greatest asset, protecting your network from a cyber-attack now means reducing your risk of a notifiable data breach as well as preserving the safety of your customers, your revenue and ultimately, your business reputation.

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The Cube Cyber Story

We are changing the way organisations defend against advanced threats and security breaches.

We do this by leveraging best-of-breed solutions by top vendors, combined with our custom cloud-centric technology. We pride ourselves on being flexible to meet customer needs and are dedicated to providing the most advanced and affordable solutions available.

Over time, we have developed a reputation as being a leader in cyber security technology and solutions both in Australia and internationally. Through our innovative approach to detecting, evaluating and mitigating security risk using industry leading technology, Cube Cyber optimises business outcomes by providing market-leading processes and platforms combined with superior consulting and technical support services to facilitate optimal deployment and implementation.

We design and deliver cutting edge technologies
As a leading cybersecurity services provider, Cube Cyber have expertise in a range of cutting edge network security technologies. Our team has designed and delivered a multitude of significant network security infrastructure projects, each supporting many thousands of users across a diverse range of market sectors including enterprise, healthcare, energy and banking.

We invest in training and development
We are very much a people focused organisation and we invest heavily in staff training and development. Testament to this is the multitude of qualifications, certification and industry accolades held by our staff.

We strive for long-term partnerships
As an independent, contemporary and forward-thinking organisation, we strive to create long-term security partnerships that can provide cost-effective solutions to the many challenges faced in today’s ever-changing network security environment.

Our Team

We’re a people-focused organisation

As testament to our superior capabilities, the team at Cube Cyber have a decades of experience and hold a number of industry level certifications and accreditations that enable us to provide market leading cyber defence services to our customers.

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Secure your business against a cyber attack.