Cyber Risk and Technical Assurance

Cyber Risk and Technical Assurance can help businesses achieve a wide variety of results.

Cube Cyber uses a methodical approach that looks at the risks you face from every angle.

Cyber risk services help your organisations identify, assess, and manage the risks associated with cyber threats. These services can include:

  • Risk assessments: Identifying and evaluating the potential risks to an organisation’s assets, including its data and systems, and determining the likelihood of a security incident occurring.
  • Vulnerability assessments: Identifying and evaluating the vulnerabilities in an organisation’s systems, applications, and networks.
  • Penetration testing: Simulating a cyber-attack on an organisation’s systems and networks to identify vulnerabilities and assess the effectiveness of existing security measures.
  • Compliance assessments: Evaluating an organisation’s compliance with various security regulations and standards, such as PCI-DSS and ISO 27001.
  • Incident response planning: Developing and testing incident response plans to ensure that the organisation can respond quickly and effectively in the event of a security incident.

Technical assurance services help your organisation ensure the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of its systems and data. These services can include:

  • Security architecture design: Designing and implementing a security architecture that aligns with an organisation’s business objectives and risk profile.
  • Security management: Managing and maintaining security systems, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other security technologies.
  • Identity and access management: Managing and controlling user access to systems and data.
  • Incident response and recovery: Providing incident response and recovery services in the event of a security incident.
  • Compliance management: Helping organisations comply with various security regulations and standards.

    Both Cyber Risk and Technical assurance services work together to protect the organisation from cyber threats and ensure the security and integrity of their systems and data. They aim to identify potential vulnerabilities and remediate them, as well as to continuously monitor for potential threats and respond to them quickly and effectively in case of incident.

Audit & Investigation

A proactive approach to identifying, predicting and protecting against cybersecurity threats.

In today’s dynamic security environment, understanding, identifying and mitigating cyber security risk is more important than ever before.

With a clear shift to digital in the business landscape, any company that interacts with customers is essentially a cyber target. As undoubtedly your greatest asset, protecting your data from a security breach now means preserving the safety of your customers, your revenue and ultimately, your business reputation.

By examining your current information security profile and conducting in-depth network audits, Cube Cyber are able to identify infrastructure vulnerabilities and provide practical best-for-business solution recommendations.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Reduce the likelihood and consequences of attacks against ICT assets.

Effective Vulnerability Management and Penetration testing is now a critically important aspect of managing business risk in corporate network environments. Vulnerabilities in software can be exploited to compromise corporate ICT assets such as business applications or end-user machines.

Cube Cyber offers Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing services to assist organisations in identifying vulnerabilities and associated risks on their networks. We can offer both point-in-time assessments and penetration testing or assist with developing an effective ongoing vulnerability management program.

Our penetration testing methodologies follow industry guidelines and best practices to ensure comprehensive and robust testing.

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Strategy & Roadmap Development

A company-wide cyber security strategy is absolutely essential to combat today’s evolving risk landscape.

We enable organisations to make informed cyber security decisions and stay up to date with complex regulations.

By informing decision-making with objective measurements around cyber risk, we help mitigate risk across the enterprise, resulting in better decisions that protect your company’s ability to operate.

  • Align security with business objectives
  • Ensure effective planning occurs pre implementation and operation of security processes and technologies
  • Maximise return on security investment
  • Create a unified approach to cyber security and risk treatment
  • Unify security with business and IT stakeholders on an enterprise-wide security strategy
  • Allow for proper budgeting of security investments
  • Ensure roadmap alignment with business goals and objectives
Architecture, Design & Implementation

Maximise efficiency, performance and potential through superior architecture and design.

Cube Cyber are experts at creating fit-for-purpose solutions to suit a range of challenges and risks faced by business networks. With extensive design and implementation expertise, we can provide assistance with both tactical and strategic risk mitigations to quickly protect your assets.

All projects are delivered using tried and trusted methodologies such as the unique Life cycle Services approach to help ensure service excellence.

  • Tailored designs to enhance the security profile and posture
  • Security and Network design/redesign
  • Cloud Security & Virtual Firewalls
  • Firewall Solutions
  • Intrusion Prevention/Intrusion Detection
  • Security Event Correlation
  • Security Event Management Solutions
  • Security Intelligence & Orchestration
  • Identity & Access Control
Security Standards & Frameworks

Effective security policy management requires device-level analysis, network-level compliance analysis and risk assessment of ongoing network changes.

Cube Cyber work can work to optimise your current frameworks in order to keep costs down whilst providing high level threat mitigation techniques.


Our services focus specifically on improving an organisation’s advanced threat detection, investigation, and response. They are used to augment and enhance internal capabilities.

Scope of Services

What does our Vulnerability Assessment cover?

Effective Vulnerability Management is now a critically important aspect of managing business risk in corporate network environments. Vulnerabilities in software can be exploited to compromise corporate ICT assets such as business applications or end-user machines. Recent ransomware outbreaks such as WannaCry and Petya have been examples of this kind of exploitation.

Cube Cyber offers Vulnerability Assessment services to assist organisations in identifying vulnerabilities and associated risks on their networks.

How we provided a safey net around our client’s systems and how they feel about it now.

“I was always playing catch-up with our Information Security Program. Spending the time between audits and exams to learn more about and correct the findings from the last review. Then I learned about Cube Cyber and we now have a proactive playbook that has our organization prepared for the next audit/exam at all times. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with them! On top of all that, they are wonderful people to work with.”

– Mark Spencer

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