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Cisco Advanced Security Architecture Partner

How safe is your business data? With the rapid and continuing increase in digital transformation, the ways in which we need to protect our information assets has seen an undeniable shift. Although we’re all aware of this change, implementing strategies to safeguard digital assets is complex and requires more than simply purchasing the latest security widget or application. To really ensure the safety of your important data and business reputation, you’ll generally need the assistance of a highly qualified team of professionals with the knowledge and expertise to ensure every aspect of your business is protected, to implement risk mitigation techniques and to provide solid rectification processes should your cybersecurity be threatened. But how do you know which cybersecurity provider to trust? The short answer: find one that is certified.

What is the Cisco Advanced Architecture Specialisation Program?

The Cisco Advanced Architecture Specialisation program identifies highly specialised partners that can work with customers to design and implement Cisco most advanced technology solutions.

The Cisco Advanced Security Architecture Specialisation acknowledges organisations who have achieved comprehensive and specialised knowledge providing solutions used to detect and mitigate cyber security threats. Continually setting the industry standard for cybersecurity, Cisco provides partners with comprehensive training and upskilling required to enhance sales, design and technical knowledge in addition to validation of this knowledge through annual recertification and arbitrary auditing.


Why should you choose a certified cyber security provider?

When installing complex business security systems, design, deployment and maintenance must be completed with absolute precision to ensure seamless integration with your environment, which is why using a certified partner is so essential.

As all partners are required to undergo rigorous training and strict assessment in order to obtain their certification, and are required to re-certify on a yearly basis, you can be confident that they have the most advanced skills and knowledge to deploy and manage Cisco’s industry-leading systems.

Moreover, through undertaking continuous retraining and upskilling, Cisco’s partners are always at the forefront of systems and technological advances. For this reason, Cisco partners are better equipped to provide customised cybersecurity solutions to align with technical and other business requirements.

For many businesses, having an in-house IT team isn’t feasible for many reasons ranging from practicality to affordability and beyond. Engaging an outsourced Cisco partner allows you to be confident that you’ll receive the most up-to-date advice and support by an industry leading professional.

Cisco Australia’s Cyber Security Partner Specialist, Anthony Miller said “In today’s world where cyber threats can go undetected in a customer network for over 100 days, it is vital that organisations use specialised Partners such as Cube Cyber who have undergone significant training around Cisco’s security solutions. These partners bring unique abilities to be able to build out security solutions that leverage the integrations Cisco has built throughout our product set. In addition, leveraging Cisco’s Threat Research arm (TALOS) who has over 250 threat researchers and blocking 20 billion threats daily, TALOS is the co-ordination point for all Cisco’s Security Products. Cisco’s TALOS provides you access to the richest set of threat intelligence in the world. So, if we see something malicious anywhere in the world, we can block everywhere – see once, block everywhere.”


What should you expect from a cybersecurity provider?

When approaching cybersecurity providers, you want to ensure they’re equipped to provide and maintain the best possible solution for your individual business needs. As such, you should expect your potential provider to have a strong reputation in the industry paired with a multitude of experience in design, implementation and support of security systems that safeguard business information and reputation. To achieve this, they should be able to demonstrate a blended technology portfolio that utilises products and systems from industry leading security providers.

Cube Cyber

Through rigorous training and certification, Cube Cyber has attained the status of Advanced Security Architecture Specialisation from Cisco. This specialisation identifies Cube Cyber as having satisfied Cisco’s stringent requirements to design, sell and deploy complex Cisco security solutions. Through achieving such a high level of certification, Cube Cyber has demonstrated our ability to deliver sophisticated solutions through superior sales capabilities, technological knowledge and service offerings. Our portfolio of previous works demonstrates our superior expertise and proven track record on complex cybersecurity projects whilst always maintaining a best-for-business attitude. Our clients depend on our team to understand their individual challenges and provide recommendations for the most appropriate and secure cybersecurity solutions for their unique needs.

Cube Cyber Cisco Specialisations

Through attaining a Cisco Advanced Security Architecture partner status, Cube Cyber are certified to deliver the following products and services from Cisco:

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

Endpoint Security & VPN Security Clients

Network Visibility and Enforcement using Identity Services Engine

Next Generation Firewalls

Next Generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

Cloud Security, Web Security & Email Security

Security Management


Don’t leave your data security to chance! If you’re ready to take control of your vital business information, get in touch with the experts at Cube Cyber and organise your complimentary cybersecurity assessment today on 1300 085 366.


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