Improve resilience, reduce business risk and increase visibility.

In today’s dynamic security environment, understanding, identifying and mitigating cyber security risk is more important than ever before. With a clear shift to digital in the business landscape, any company that interacts with customers is essentially a cyber target. As undoubtedly your greatest asset, protecting your network from a cyber-attack now means reducing your risk of a notifiable data breach as well as preserving the safety of your customers, your revenue and ultimately, your business reputation.

At Cube Cyber, we know that knowledge is power which is why our business model is based around providing a proactive approach to cyber security. By identifying and eliminating potential vulnerabilities through current state assessments, point in time scanning and ongoing programs, we can ensure your enterprise is resilient to cybersecurity threats.

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Real-time audits & reporting
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Mitigating Risk
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Optimising Infrastructure
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Providing Threat Visibility

Secure your business against a cyber attack.

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Vulnerability Management

Managing your business risk

An effective Vulnerability Management program can help to significantly reduce both the likelihood and consequences of malware or hacker attacks against ICT assets. Our team’s expansive knowledge and experience providing cybersecurity solutions to a range of industries positions us to provide highly effective vulnerability assessments and remediation plans.

Through designing customised solutions for your unique requirements, our cyber security experts can:

  • Assist in compliance with PCI DSS and other regulatory requirements.
  • Incorporate business objectives into the security plan.
  • Present a risk assessment that validates internal security expenditure.
  • Reduce and mitigates risks of downtime.
  • Allow an organisation to map threats to its infrastructure.
  • Enable the security team to implement best practices to protect the organisation’s critical data, intellectual property, and reputation.
  • Allow security management to do more with its budget by investing according to the criticality of each assets.

Security Optimisation

Maximise efficiency, performance and potential

Taking an innovative approach to critical systems optimisation, Cube Cyber are able to turn complex challenges into tailored solutions, reduce operational expenses and create better outcomes for your business.

Our solutions-based services integrate your existing framework with market-leading offerings, allowing peace of mind that your network will work better for your business at a cost that won’t break the bank. We do this by assessing the current environment and making specific recommendations to enhance your particular network and security infrastructure.

By optimising your infrastructure, we can essentially extend the life of your existing solution, resulting in the highest ROI. Partnering with Cube Cyber means that your network and security is always up to date and providing the highest value to your organisation.

We have extensive optimisation experience in the following areas:

  • Firewall Rule-base.
  • Network and Security device hardening to NIST and CIS standards.
  • Redesigning existing environments to leverage existing functionality, for example implementing VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding) to implement network segmentation.
  • Retro-fitting existing network and security environments to improve security posture, for example to ensure compliance with PCI standards or organisational policy.
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Secure your business against a cyber attack.