At Cube Cyber, we have expertise in a full range of cutting edge network security technologies. Our team has designed and delivered a multitude of significant network security infrastructure projects, each supporting many thousands of users across a diverse range of market sectors including, enterprise, healthcare, energy and banking.

We are very much a people focused organisation and we invest heavily in staff training and development. Testament to this is the multitude of qualifications; certification and industry accolades held by our staff.


As The Network Defence Company, Cube Cyber has the experience and the expertise to protect your data using next-generation security technology to help defend your networks against emerging challenges in an evolving threat landscape.

You need the ability to understand and identify targeted threats in real time, and a customized solution that enables rapid response to any and all security events affecting your network. We understand the needs of both industry and government and can ensure that you have the right security solution protecting your network.


See how an effective ransomware attack comes together. Learn how a simple forged email can lead to a massive data breach and damage your reputation.

From more information on how Cube Cyber and Cisco can help please contact one of our security consultants.

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