10 - 200 Users
  • Small / Medium Business

  • Only49p/user p/mth
  • Device security

    Spyware, Malware & Ransomware cause severe financial, regulatory and reputational damage.

    Our industry-leading cloud solutions offer advanced detection against known and unknown (zero-day) malicous software attacks.

    We'll have you protected quickly with no on-site hardware to install or maintain.

    Email Security

    Email assault such as Phishing & malicious software attack cause irreperable damage. Today's attacks are more and more sophisticated.

    Stay one step ahead with every email scanned, filtered and quarantined. Includes an easy to use portal.

    Malware protection Cubecyber

    Websites can trick unsuspecting users into downloading and executing malicious code on your network.

    Attackers are fast moving and protection requires a globally correlated response.

    Our continuous ‘Always On’ protection utilises global threat intelligence from Cisco, categorising and blocking malicious sites for all corporate devices, both within the office network and externally.

    Threat protection

    Our highly experienced team of cyber security engineers in Australia are trained in the latest cyber threats and are here to assist.

    Powered by the best globally, we only work with tried and trusted solutions that provide real and measurable risk reduction.

    Managed Cyber Security
    For Small to Medium Enterprises
    One Low Monthly Fee. Cancel Anytime.
200+ Users
  • Large Enterprise

  • From1250p/mo
  • We help large enterprises achieve maximum benefits on your security investment. We only work with tried and trusted solutions with real and measurable risk reduction. We have significant expertise in the delivery of defensive security solutions, specifically with the following technologies:

    Cube Cyber are experts in Cyber Security. We provide consulting into large corporates and government clients with a proven track record of success pver many years of business. From complex project delivery, risk assessment, auditing and security architecture, Cube Cyber can provide the Cyber security support your business needs including the following services:

    • IT and OT Security Assessments
    • Security Design & Solutions
    • Incident Response & Investigation
    • Strategy & Road Map Development
    • IT & OT Security Standards & Framework Development
    • (NIST, ISO, ACSC, PCI-DSS, IEC 62443)

    If you've had a security breach, you need a structured and efficient solution to limit the impacts to your business. Our team is qualified to ready to assist you today.

    We provide organisations of all sizes with cost-effective access to Cybersecurity protection and capability. In addition to this, we help our customers achieve maximum benefits on their security investment. We simplify complex security problems for our customers, so they can defend against common and advanced threats, securing their business, users and data.

    A graphic describing Cube Cyber's Managed Security Service

    Your Trusted Security Advisors
    Australian Based
    Industry Leading Knowledge and Experience<br>

The Latest In Cybersecurity

Why Partner with Cube Cyber

Cube Cyber is a leading Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Australia catering to small & medium enterprises.

We offer a straight-forward security subscription that is powerful, simple and cost effective.

We leverage state of the art cloud-centric technologies to help you easily build cyber security into your business.

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Managed Security FAQ’s

What is Managed Security?

At Cube Cyber, we have a full-service Security Operations Center (SOC). All your IT security needs are outsourced to us. This means – when a security event takes place on your network or devices:

  • We immediately investigate the threat.
  • Isolate the event from your network to remove the threat of lateral movement through your environment.
  • Provide incident response to mitigate potential breaches.
  • Monthly reporting is also included to give you an in-depth view to the types of threats being blocked as well as vulnerabilities we noticed during the period that need to be dealt with.

Why Is It Important?

In today’s ever expanding digital world, cyber threats and data loss pose a serious risk to your business. Over 60% of businesses close after 6 months of being breached. With a managed security service, you’re benefiting from top-of-the-line security protection.

What Does it Protect Against?

Malicious Software

Malicious software such as malware, spyware or ransomware can wreak havoc on a corporate machine or network. Damage can include data loss, data breaches, financial loss, productivity loss or surveillance of all computer activity.

Our industry-leading protection solution offers advanced detection of known and unknown (zero-day) malicious software, preventing its execution and quarantining it.

Malicious Websites & Content

Websites and Internet servers are commonly used to distribute malicious code by tricking unsuspecting users into downloading and executing it. Attackers are fast moving and protection requires a globally correlated response.

Our continuous ‘Always On’ malicious web content protection service utilises global threat intelligence from Cisco, categorising and blocking malicious sites for all corporate devices, both within the office network or wherever users and devices roam.

Email Attacks

Increasingly, email is used to deliver a range of unwanted material, including spam, malicious software and phishing attempts aimed at duping users into clicking unsafe links or approving fraudulent financial transactions.

Effective protection against email based attacks is best achieved by ensuring email is scanned, filtered and tested for malicious activity before it reaches the organisation. Our email attack prevention service does just that, providing an easy to use portal to manage quarantined emails.

How Does it Work?

We configure your network & email gateways to protect the outer-most perimeter of your business first. Then working inwards, we provide protection on your devices that will detect and quarantine malware before it is executed. Our security products can be configured with a “roaming” option. Meaning, if your employees are working remotely – they are still being protected by top-of-the-line security.

A graphic describing Cube Cyber's Managed Security Service

How is Cube Different?

We’re a boutique agency with a unique platform designed specifically for small to medium enterprise.   Our fee structure is simple and transparent allowing you to budget for your complete I.T security needs.

How Much Does it Cost?

We charge a simple flat rate fee of AUD $49 p/user p/month billed quartely in advance.   A one off set-up cost of AU $1950 applies for most installations, and additional fees are outlined in the terms and conditions.

How Long Is the Set-up Process?

In most cases (dependant on environment complexity) we can deploy the entire solution remotely and have you up and running fully in a few days from sign-up.

How Do We Get Started?

Simple, just complete the following form and we’ll respond within 12-24 hours.

Protect Your Business From Cyber Attack Today

How We Work

First and foremost, we keep it simple and jargon free. It’s difficult enough with the enormous range of security products available on the market and picking the right one that is cost effective and fit for purpose can be a daunting task.  We keep you informed on what’s happening, every step of the way.

We Assess

We Design

We Protect

We Innovate

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